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Jimmy Lightning
As of July 2008 I've moved my blogging to a new, non-friends locked home at Jimmy.Bouma-Holtrop.com.

I am Jimmy. I am a humbly arrogant genius. I am a student at Huntington University. I am a computer scientist. I am a major weather geek and I'm also teaching myself to be a Linux geek. I am a Digital Media Artist. I am 19 years old. I am a writer. Summertime finds me working on a screenplay and all-year 'round finds me writing on my LJ. I am anti-war. I want to do severe weather research. I am an unschooler, which is to say that I am in total control of my education, not anybody else. I believe in God. But not in Pat Robertson. I believe in myself. I believe in freedom. But not war. I don't believe in George W. Bush. But I believe in America. I believe in Congress. But I still haven't forgiven them for passing the PATRIOT ACT. I believe in equality by age, gender and race. Which doesn't including killing or ignoring people on the basis of age, skin color or reproductive origins. I am a white male in a world run by white males. I am simply here to change the world. I will judge you quite harshly if you don't agree with me on these issues of equality. I judge anyone who doesn't respect others due to the above mentioned issues. That is the way I am. That is the real, and true me and I wouldn't like to be any other way.

Welcome to my world.

As of September 23, 2006 I am Linux user number 431,920, running Ubuntu.

As of September 2007, my journal is mostly Friends Only. Comment on a public entry or just add me if you want to be considered for friending. Thanks.

You should also check out the community twc_aficionados, the best weather community here on LJ, in my opinion:

twc_aficionados Ahead of the storm!

July 27, 2008.
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